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PepsiGold provides cheap Oldschool Runescape Gold directly coming from legitimate and safe sellers employing all the necessary safety measures to protect your account!
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RuneScape 3 Gold

We at PepsiGold also provide Runescape 3 Gold at guaranteed market leading prices while leading the way in secure transactions!
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Rent your Maxed Main from PepsiGold as we employ the best strategies to effectively reduce account suspension to zero at highly competitive prices as usual!

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First and foremost, thank you for considering to buy Runescape gold from us. We want to introduce ourselves and build a relationship so we can be your first choice whenever you need to buy Runescape gold or related products and services.

PepsiGold is a company that was founded by a team of duel arena veterans that wanted to provide safe Runescape gold to customers while charging a fair price. Whenever we needed to sell Runescape gold ourselves, we saw how much other Runescape gold sites were taking advantage of their customers. As gamers ourselves, we know how much time acquiring in-game wealth can take. We understand that you work hard and may not have enough free time to grind for hours to obtain enough gold to truly enjoy the game. Thus, PepsiGold was founded as an alternative to the high prices of established gold shops. We want to provide options for players who want to buy cheap Runescape gold. Since our establishment, we’ve helped thousands of gamers get the items they want at fair prices

PepsiGold wants to provide a way for busy players to experience Runescape in its entirety. For a fraction of your paycheck, you can buy enough Runescape gold to tackle any challenge Gielinor has to offer. What are you waiting for? Get a Twisted bow today!

If you’re visiting our site, you’re probably a Runescape player who is looking for services or items that will help you enjoy the game. We understand how busy players can be and we want to offer the best rates on the market so you can save money while getting the in-game items you dream of. Whether you’re looking for OSRS gold, RS3 gold or cheap OSRS main staker accounts, we have you covered. It is just a good idea to buy Runescape gold form us!

While we strive to be the most affordable option for Runescape players, we are proud to say the price is not the only advantage PepsiGold offers. If you decide to buy Runescape gold from us we will deliver the gold with the safest methods possible!

Other Runescape gold sites will offer gold from shady sources while they completely disregard the safety of their customer’s accounts. We carefully interview each one of our suppliers to ensure that the Runescape gold we sell is obtained legitimately.

This reduces the risk when you buy Runescape gold from us. In fact, we haven’t received a single report from one of our customers saying they were punished when they opted to buy Runescape gold from our site. We operate our business with a strong moral campus. PepsiGold allows gamers to buy Runescape gold safely!

As an added security, our team uses VPNs to reduce the risk of detection. If you buy Runescape gold at Pepsigold, you can be assured that you will never be trading with someone using suspicious IP addresses. Customer safety is our number one priority!

As a consumer, you always want to find the best deals possible when spending your hard-earned money. We understand that. Runescape gold should not be any different. Why should you pay more for the same product? PepsiGold has built long-term relationships with our suppliers and have cut costs so we can pass those savings on to you. Our team constantly monitors our competitors to ensure that our gold prices are the best. Found a better price? Message our live chat and if we can confirm your claim, we will beat their prices, no questions asked!

Although PepsiGold has market leading prices, our customers do not have to sacrifice the convenience of customer support. Over the years, our team has collected thousands of feedbacks on gaming forums like Sythe and Powerbot. Additionally, our English-speaking live chat is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. By focusing on volume sales, we are able to make enough money to sustain our business while providing our customers with amazing prices and a 5-star service.

We understand that purchasing virtual items from a website that you just found can be a stressful experience. We have streamlined our ordering system to provide a convenient and speedy way to buy Runescape gold. Upon your successful payment, you can expect to receive your Runescape gold within 5 minutes.

To buy Runescape gold from our site is very easy. Simply add the total amount of gold you would like to purchase to your cart and check out using PayPal, Cryptocurrencies or G2A Pay. Don’t see your payment method available? Contact our live chat to see if we are able to accept it.

Please note that PepsiGold reserves the right to request additional verification for larger amount orders. Documents that may be requested include but is not limited to government-issued ID, phone number, and other sources of identification. We have a verification method to ensure that the payment is not fraudulent. By reducing the amount of Runescape gold we lose to scammers, we can keep our prices that much lower!

Our Story.

PepsiGold started out as a vendor on various high-profile forums like Sythe. We quickly grew as our loyal customers increased dramatically over a short period of time. For that reason, we realised that we have to expand our web-presence via this website!

PepsiGold offers Oldschool Runescape Gold, Runescape 3 Gold and Runescape Maxed Main rental services at market leading prices. Our safe trading practices guarantee that your in-game assets, like your account, will be protected during and after the transaction!

PepsiGold is present on the http://mojaapteka24.com/ most important forums and websites where Runescape related services are exchanged. We have gathered thousands of vouches and feedbacks with our stellar service so far at forums like Sythe and others!

Our support agents are ready to help you via our chat widget, Discord, Skype, forum message or email 24/7, every day of the year. If you have a question simply contact us using one of our communications channels!

Runescape Experts

We are not simply traders, but loyal Runescape fans and players as well! We love the game as much as you do

Low Prices

We can keep our prices low due to our strong understanding of how the Runescape market works

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We have become extremely good at avoiding bans, suspensions and other nasty things in Runescape

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We offer the cheapest Runescape 2007 and Runescape 3 gold on the market, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!
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Always Available

We are always available to deliver your order or to assist you in any way we can

Fair Prices

Our prices are always fair as we monitor the industry regularly to come up with the best prices

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Our agents are all Runescape veterans who are capable of helping you no matter what your issue is

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We strive to have the best Runescape offers at any time among all the available vendors

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