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Buy your OSRS Main

Pepsigold is now offering affordable Maxed OSRS Main rentals. Whether you are a staker looking for an account to make money or a recreational player who is looking to win enough money for a twisted bow, this service is for you! We are offering hand-leveled RS main accounts to our customers that are looking to stake other players at the Duel Arena!

Some of our customers have told us horror stories about unscrupulous merchants kicking renters off accounts once large amounts of wealth are transferred over. As gold sellers and gamers ourselves, we wanted to provide a safe way for players to rent a maxed Runescape main because we know how much it sucks to lose the gold you won.

Each RS Main account comes equipped with a tentacle whip and dragon dagger. Once you complete your payment, our live support agent will provide you with the login information. We require customers to put up a 4M GP deposit. This secures the tentacle whip on the account. After you finish staking, you can inform our live support and they will inspect the account and return your deposit. Please read our terms carefully or you will risk losing your deposit!

Before you can rent one of our staking Runescape main accounts, you must agree to our rules. This is to ensure the account remains as safe as possible for all customers. Any activity that may result in the ban of our rs main account is prohibited.

Customers must agree to the following terms before accessing the account:

  1. Refrain from breaking in-game rules
  2. You are only permitted to transfer gold to your own characters
  3. Do not give anyone else the account information
  4. Do not break the tentacle whip
  5. We are not liable for any bans that happen during the account
  6. Please do not stream without the express consent of PepsiGold


Customers who are found to be in violation of these terms will be kicked off the account and forfeit their deposit. Please contact live support to retrieve any OSRS gold that was left on the account from the same computer you used to rent the Staker. Please understand this will only happen in the most extreme cases. We simply reserve the right to protect our asset in the event of ToS violations.

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Oldschool RuneScape Gold

PepsiGold provides cheap Oldschool Runescape Gold directly coming from legitimate and safe sellers employing all the necessary safety measures to protect your account!

RuneScape 3 Gold

We at PepsiGold also provide Runescape 3 Gold at guaranteed market leading prices while leading the way in secure transactions!

Maxed Main Rentals

Rent your Maxed Main from PepsiGold as we employ the best strategies to effectively reduce account suspension to zero at highly competitive prices as usual!
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