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RS3 gold is a currency used by players of the popular MMO Runescape 3. Players can obtain gold pieces by slaying monsters, completing quests, and trading with other players. When you buy RS3 gold from us we will deliver that amount to your Runescape 3 account. Just as with OSRS gold the maximum amount of RS3 gold that a player can have is 2,147,483,647 due to Runescape3’s usage of a signed 32-bit integer data system.

Players that have amassed enormous amounts of in-game wealth have found themselves limited by the total amount of gold they can have on their character. While a player can potentially hold 8 stacks of max RSGP through placeholders on the Grand Exchange and their GP pouch, spirit shards and other high-value items like Partyhats have become a proxy to hold in-game wealth. This phenomenon is also present in OSRS which resulted in the introduction of platinum tokens.

Our website strives to offer the most affordable rates for Runescape 3 gold. In fact, if you are able to find a lower price on a competitor’s website, we will beat it. Our 24/7 support team is here to answer any questions you may have. Don’t believe us? Check us out on!

Additionally, PepsiGold prides itself on offering the best value for its customers. Not only do our customers get an amazing price for Runescape 3 gold, but they also don’t have to worry about being scammed! PepsiGold has collected thousands of feedbacks from happy customers on various online gaming forums like Sythe. Head over to our Trustpilot page to see recent reviews. You won’t be disappointed.

Once you have decided on the total amount of Runescape 3 gold, proceed to check out. After you successfully make a payment, head over to our live chat to begin the delivery process. Depending on the order quantity, we may require additional forms of verification. After we verify your order we will give you a location to meet in the game.

Please log on Runescape 3 using the character you provided when you made the order. We can only deliver the Runescape 3 gold to the player that is listed. If you need to make an alteration, please send us an email from the email you used to pay. Beware of fraudsters that will try to impersonate us. Do not trade gold to anyone that you don’t know!

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